Splaat as he is current

Splaat is the leader of the Good Guys Army, the army which the Random Alliance is allies with.


It was in the logo for "Klasky Csupo", a TV company, for October 1998 through October 2008.

More Specific OriginEdit

For Splaat, we'll show what we have:

Splaat's father, John Inkblast-Burklestein-Clips was a normal person like everyone else. He was raised on a plantation in Sterling, Massachusetts. Growing up he became best-friends with a mouse called Geegaw Hackwrench (father of Gadget Hackwrench). After his adolescence, he went to the Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and exhilarated in his animations made with store-bought drawing ink and watercolor paint, and has a master's degree in animation. During animation of his short "Geegaw Travels the World in 23 Minutes", He met Laura Burklestein, his girlfriend and future wife.

After college, him and Laura were married and moved to Denmark, Wisconsin and had two children. According to Splaat, he said they had a good life and barley had any financial problems, But their world came crashing down when the fiercest serial-killer in the world, Agent 47, intruded their house at 1:45 am, July 9th, 1993. He first attempted to kill the children, but failed because they were at John's grandfather's plantation, where John was raised. He then went for Laura and shot her two times in the private parts. John (who just returned from a late shift at the local McDonald's) heard the shots as he turned into the driveway, grabbed his Gun he got from a friend in the army who recovered it from a war and killed Agent 47. He rushed to Laura to aid her, and took her to the local airport where she was airlifted to the next town's small hospital, where she died of blood-loss.

Morned by his dead family and sicked that he killed, John went into deep depression and had attempted to Die by various means, such as walking in front of a train. John later tried magic to bring the departed (including Agent 47) back to life. During one of the rituals, he made a error in his attempt and transformed himself into a ink bottle with magazine clippings for eyes and a mouth and gained the ability to enter a different universe.

He married Lisa Clips, a cross between scissors and a collage. They had Splaat, their son.


People thought he was scary. People who didn't think he was scary thought him as stupid or funny.


To stop the SSF (his evil counterpart).


Splaat has a bunch of attacks.

Here it is:

  • Ink Boost
  • Ink Trap
  • Ink Cannon
  • Block Summon
  • Teleportation
  • Fus Roh D'OH!
  • Rugrat Toss
  • Rooster Scream
  • Splat Fire
  • Ink Hurricane




Klasky Csupo's twin brother


Klasky Csupo Robot (Newer Version)

Klasky Csupo Robot (Newer Version)

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